Thursday, January 14, 2021

Inanimate objects are malevolent

Inanimate objects have it in for me. A case in point: my new Eufy robot vacuum cleaner. It worked three times, whizzing all over my new apartment and then returning to its home base. so i lovingly cleaned it, emptying the receptacle for dirt and removing the brushes and filter and cleaning them. So how did it repay me? I turned it on yesterday and it went merrily about the place. It seemed to be working. But it never returnined to its charging station. It's smeowhere in my home but seems to be hiding. I looked in all the posible sits where it could be hiding, and then in the impossible under the beds, etc. and then the improbable ones, then the impossible ones. Could it be lurking in a closet? Perhaps it had leaped into he bathtub? It's nowlere to be found. Perhaps it realizes that when I find it, it is gning back to Amazon toute suite. Meanwhile, the dust accumulates and I have to clean it myself!

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