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Thursday, April 14, 2022

I hate politics

I managed to get through the entire Vietnam War without knowing anything about it, including where Vietnam was.  I allowed the government to make the decisions about what to do about this, or anything else, thinking they had studied the situation and had it well in hand.  After all, the government was full of Harvard graduates and Fulbright scholars, and I was a graduate of a State school, moreover, one without a football  team.  In short, I trusted them to know what they were doing.  Those happy days are gone, apparently forever.

Now I have to keep an eye on the bastards and in order to do so, I have to keep up with the news.  I have to know the difference between the Tutsi  and the Houtu, so I can set them straight when they are doing it wrong.  And I especially had to keep an eye on our government, something that gives me sleepless nights because they seem to be doing it wrong all the time.

  And there is Hunter Biden--don't get me started on him.  And Joe Biden, whose peregrinations reminds me of my Uncle Abe, after he got  Alzheimers. Of course, Abe's conversations made more sense than Biden's, for he was smart and Biden isn't.  But both had a tendency to wander off if not watched.

So now I follow the news, and it gives me high blood pressure.  I long for the good old days when I kept up with English literature and the politicians ran the country without my input.  Actually they still run the country without my input but I am forced to keep an eye on them.  They turn out to be ganovim-(Yiddish for thieves).  So they go on merrily running the country into the ground, and worrying about such vital issues who is using which bathrooms and who is using which pronouns for whom.

Meanwhile, my ltttle nest egg loses 40,000 dollars over a weekend.  As all you Harvard grads know, this is Putin's fault. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

I never thought of doing this, but...

now I have termites, plus a car that only works intermittently.   So I think I'll try gofundme.  That or pitch a tent.

I need matzoh

 I put a request on Instacart for a box of matzoh.  They recommended dried prunes instead.  Not many Jews around here, I guess.

I used to order beet borscht, but it comes in a glass bottle, which I am likely to drop.  A quart of beet borscht would be enough to paint a battleship.  Cleaning beet borscht up from your floor is an endless task.The little shreds of beets have great staying power.