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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here again

It is only through stubbornness that I force myself to write this.  It is hard to overcome the habit of NOT posting here which has become my default position.  I have excuses, of course.  A lot of legal hocus pocus has been going on; strictly speaking, it is not my personal business, so I won't expand on it.  Then the computer broke down--a good excuse and one I have taken maximum advantage of.

I had the computer set up perfectly; my laptop was jury rigged to connect to my gigantic monitor, speakers, and a mouse.  I haven't reassembled the monster yet; just using the laptop as, of all things, a laptop.  Anyway, there was Thanksgiving.  Then the plumber was   needed.  My right foot developed a sore spot.  Then I turned my left ankle.  My iPhone stopped working.  Something got stuck in the sink disposal unit, requiring another visit from the plumber.  Then the cable television stopped working.  Then I had to take Mr Charm for cataract surgery.  Then I dropped the cordless phone   for the land line and destroyed it. Next, a flat tire.  None of these is a tragedy, they all happen to everyone, but not all at once.

Oliver Sachs says he cannot recognize faces, even of people he has known a long time.  He also gets lost.  I am so glad to learn  that someone else shares these weaknesses with me.  I lived in New Jersey for 28 years and never really found my way around.  Fortunately, I now have a GPS.  I recognize people, sort of, but can't remember who they are, exactly.  After an ahah moment, I recall who they are.  But I am hell on recognizing cars.

I remember my car, in general.  That is, I know it is white, four-door, has a sun roof and a spoiler and a rubber antenna.  I just don't know what it looks like.  So the other day I walked up to a car that looked pretty much like mine, clicked the unlock button, and it didn't light up.  I got in anyway and noted with pleasure that it was cleaner than I had remembered.  Then I looked at the dashboard and discovered that it was a Toyota.  I had gotten into the wrong car!  I quickly exited.  Why does everyone have white cars anyway?  What's up with that?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Midnight snack

When I was a little girl and my father was still living with us, he and I used to enjoy a certain snack together. Here's what it was: a sandwich consisting of a sliced fresh tomato with sugar on it between two slices of buttered white bread. It was delicious! I've been thinking a lot of my dad lately. He died in April. I thought about things we had done together. There weren't that many of them. I remembered how he had taught me to swim and to fish. I remember that he brought me home a typewriter when I was in second grade and found it hard to write cursive. Ad I remembered the midnight snack we used to share. So I got some nice white bread, buttered it, sliced a tomato and put sugar on it, and made a sandwich. It was pretty good. But not as good as it had been when I was a little girl and my father was still living with us.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

News flash

From my inbox: it's not too later to sign up for the Delaware DEmentia Conference! THank God!

COmputer trouble

Either the computer or my brain is broken. Still trying to figure it out. All my bright ideas occur when the computer isn't working, and I can no longer remember what they are. One nice thing did happen, though-I sold a painting! My faithful réaders will her more from me anon, when I get Used to this iPad. If ever.