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Monday, March 06, 2023


I was in California for Christmas, came home on December 29, and was in the hospital for five days with Covid 19.  I came home and subsequently fell ill with Covid 20[-36, which are gradually subsiding.I may feel human again some time soon.

So I went to the cardiologist for my annual check-up, which I passed with flying colors.   I went to the front door and attempted to open it and leave, but all my strength deserted me and I got caught in the door and couldn't get out. Went home and found out I couldn't move so I called the ambulance corps.  When they arrived they took one look at me and decided I was having a stroke.  Got to the hospital and the personnel there decided I was having a stroke. They immediately administrated clot busters and averted a stroke.  Saved my life!

A few days later I got a serious stomachache and returned to the hospital.  Another three days, and finally got diagnosed and released. 

A few days later I did a couple of errands and felt ill again.  Managed a nightmare ride home but could not get out of the car when I arrived. I called my daughter who called the ambulance again and took another trip to the hospital.  This time no-one could figure out what was going on.  Home again.

I am getting very tired of the hospital and scared to get in the car again.

So this has been my 2023 and now it's March.