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Saturday, October 10, 2020

I'm seriously thinking about GoFundMe

I just got the news that my new mortgage. It's going to be about the same as my old mortgage. I could not pay my old mortgage without guests from airbnb supplementing my income. If I made $1000 from airbnb every month, I was doing fine. Without this, I am totally up a creek. What am I going to do? No answer suggests itself. I can't work. I could not last a day. I can barely stand up. Everything has gone crazy. My old IRA, which took almost all year to get out of AIG. My credit report, which was a total fiction, but they will not correct it. So my new mortgage will cost extra points. I'd rather eat barbed wire, but I may go to GoFundMe.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

My interesting year

I was just reviewing my adventures of 2020 so far: January: Serious anemia February: Mini stroke March: Immured in a horrible place, the bryn Mawr rehab hospital, where you lie in bed for 23 hours a day and receive useless physical therapy. I left AMA, thank God. They were giving me so many blood thinners that you could have brushed your teeth using my blood, what there was of it, short as it was of hemoglobin. A friend helped me escape. April: My dentist told me of a hematologist who would give me iron infusions. Finallly got to see him and get blood tested. For some mysterious reason, it is difficult to get iron infusions, which made you feel better instantly and are readily available. One of the mysteries of the medical system. Meanwhile, the government gets Covid-19, which maes it impossible to get any medical attention or get your hair or nails done. May, June, July: restaurants close. Delivery. Medical professions fire everbody who knew what they were doing, and suspend any meaningful phone contact. voice mail takes over the world. You can never talk to anyone again except by downoaading their rotten apps, and then you might grudgingly get attention. Aside: why can't you see a podiatrist? Another 21st century dilemma which appears unsolvable. Getting your ears cleaned out is completely ruled out, it can;t be done. Although why ear and foot doctors are needed by covid-19 patients is never explained. August: Put my 2-story house up for sale so I can live near one of my daughters. Discover the value of the house has increased $300.00 over the last 16 years. Another mystery. discovered that property in MD is higher priced than property in DE. Another aside: I don't like MD. They gave Lincoln a hard time during the Civil War and have been corrupt ever since. Also produced Nancy Pelosi. August to present: troubled by Realtors, Banks, and credit bureaus. because I was paying my car payments to the wrong account. Nissan reported me as deilnquent. This is costing me money on my new mortgage. No one can, or will, do anything about it. So they ruined my credit, and won't fix it. Sucks to be me, right?