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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

I have been out of circulation

 Sometimes I wonder why I keep this thing up.  I have decided that my posts have lately not been amusing.  If I were one of my faithful followers I would probably abandon ship.

All I do is go to doctors and buy appliances to replace the ones that were in the house but decided to break down right after the closing. 

The latest was a hot water heater.  Last time I replaced one of these it cost me $300.  This one was $4000.   I was inclined to put it off but washing my hands in tepid water soon got old.

I only hope nothing goes wrong soon.

I also had foot surgery and have been sequestered for two weeks.  I thought I could use the time to address Christmas cards, but I haven't.  I also ran out of postage stamps.

I am really not in a good frame of mind, but I would still like to wish my loyal fans Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Let's go Brandon.  It's too late to wish you Happy Chanukah, but I had good intentions and hope you got lots of latkes.  And jelly donuts, if you like them.

Best wishes to all.