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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gone to Chicago to cool off

I may not be rich, beautiful or smart, but I have something better: good Chicago weather Karma. It was terribly hot here, so I went to Chicago to cool off. The temperature was supposed to be in the 90s. However, every time I've been in Chicago the weather has been nice, a condition I am informed is rare, and so it was this time. Chicago did not disappoint: the weather cleared up immediately and the temperature dropped to the clement low 80s. Maybe I should move there? It might improve life for the inhabitants.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

work in progress; Bathers

I received the following letter from our leader:

Patricia -- I'm about to sit down for lunch with a few grassroots supporters who are being flown in from Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio. It'll just be me and these four supporters, with enough time to relax and have a real conversation. I can't wait. I'm not going to get to do too many more of these before November. That's just a fact. So if you'd like to be there for one of the last ones, please chip in $3 or whatever you can -- and you'll be automatically entered for that chance: Next time, I could be on my way to meet you. Thanks, Barack
I would be all starry-eyed about this, except my name is not Patricia. So I won't be sending three dollars.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Delaware Symphony cancels 2012-2013 season

This is a real blow to me. I can't believe they would do this after selling tickets for the season. Why didn't they warn stakeholders before the well went dry? I am investigating going to Philly for my music fix. It's not that far for me; the real deal-breaker is parking, which is expensive and hard to come by. But if I go somewhere else, it won't be so easy to come back if the Delaware ever gets its act together.


I saw a sign recently at a business establishment: "Special discounts for everyone." How can there be special discounts for everyone? Special discounts are for special customers, aren't they? How can they be special if everyone gets them? Regular or irregular customers should get the regular price. Shouldn't they?

Saturday, June 09, 2012


I bought a copy of Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers at the good Will store for $1, and it was worth every penny. The author proves that boys who were born in January and February are more likely to excel in hockey. They have an advantage over their classmates because they are older than boys born during the rest of the year, therefore more mature, stronger, etc, etc. I applied this knowledge to my own situation and gained a lot of insight. After leaving my commie progressive school at the age of 11, I was placed in the eighth grade, making me one and a half to two years younger than anyone else in the eighth grade. They were already 13 or more! I didn't stand a chance! I attribute every subsequent failure of my academic career to this fact. Mother and dad made me a loser!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


My spam filter appears to have taken the day off. I hate when that happens.