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Saturday, December 03, 2022

A court case as complex as Jarndyce vs Jarndyce

 I started it all by moving to Maryland, but that is a tale for another day.  Covid had taken over the entire economy and no-one could do anything. When the smoke of battle cleared temporarily some normal activities tentatively were resumed,  but only on a conditional basis, I needed  to change my drivers license from Delaware to Maryland.  I looked at the website for the Maryland Motor vehicle Department and gathered together what I thought were the necessary documents to make this change.  I was wrong.  My Medicare card was not the proper substitute for my Social Security card.  So back to square one.

After a bout or two of anemia and a couple of blood transfusions, I assembled the paperwork again, with the addition of a report from my eye doctor, and reported back to the DMV.  All my paperwork was impeccable this time.  But when my application was submitted, a couple of other states had problems with me, and a mystifying letter was handed to me.  I had to clear myself with two states, New Jersey and Delaware.

We moved out of New Jersey in 2004, and I didn't  remember murdering anyone in the state.  So I turned to my State Senator.  He and his staff made no progress with the various agencies either.  I decided to let the matter rest for a while.  Meanwhile Delaware sent me a letter with a form for my doctor to fill out.  It was filled out and returned.  This was  in 2020.

Next the Delaware DMV sent another letter, but to my Delaware address and the post office returned it, though I had filed a change of address form.  This letter stated that if I did not have my doctor fill out this form, my license would be suspended.  I didn't, so they suspended my license. Without my knowledge.

Next in this series of unfortunate incidents, I had a fender bender.  The police were called. and checked my drlvers lilcense, and discovered it had been suspended.  They gave me a ticket which required a court appearance.  Not over the fender bender, but for a suspended license.  My insurance settled the claim about the accident so this was no longer an issue.


I started  trying to call everyone in Delaware and New Jersey who could shed light on this matter. Finally, someone called George from Delaware called me one evening. He was  able to track down what had happened.  He sent me the medical form and I had it filled out by my current medical person, who happened to be a nurse practitioner. He faxed it to Delaware.  I called to find out whether they had received the form.  They had, but it did not meet their requirements, as they wanted it to be filled out by a real doctor.  


So here I am, ready to be dragged to jail as a dangerous criminal.   And I can't   drive anywhere. They will have to come get me.. 

This is why I  started a GoFundMe drive.  I was fortunate in getting an attorney, but I doubt I will live long enough to see this affair settled.