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Friday, May 28, 2021

2020 was horrible, and now we've got Biden

 I lived in Delaware for 16 years, and Joe Biden was my Senator.  In fact he was so mouthy that I believed --knowing how absurd it was--that he filled both Senatorial  seats by special dispensation.  I knew that this could not happen but I sort of kind of believed it anyway.  He just sucked all the  oxygen from the atmosphere.

I never took him seriously, anyway, as presidential material.  He seemed as a nice enough guy, though.  (He isn't. I was wrong.) So when none of the  rest of the 330 million citizens  was available, I had no illusions that he would be to my liking but thought we would muddle through well enough and the republic would still be standing in four years.  

wrong again!  I am wrong as often as Paul Krugman, and he is a noted economist who is paid to be wrong. What Joe seems to have done is take a list of everything Trump ever did and sought to undo it, no matter how inconvenient this would be or how deleterious  for the country.  He has managed to make the price of gas go up, allowed the country to be overrun by immigrants and drug cartels.  Well, people can disagree about these actions, but what is the upside of kissing up to Iran?  Aren't they the bad guys?  I seem to remember that they took some Americans hostage and were very nasty about it, so why are they our new best friends?  What positive developments can we expect from our friendship with them?

Perhaps they are offering a really good job to Hunter?

Thursday, May 20, 2021

On the treadmill

I was on the treadmll for thirty minutes, not listening to music, not watching television, certainly not reading, just enjoying the tedium of it all, when someone asked me if I didn't get bored.

Bored! I who have sat through at least a hundred--it seems more like several rhousands, but I'm not that old--library Board meetings, many budget hearings, city council meetings.   I welcome boredom.  It certainly beats listening to the countless orations of mayors and other politicians.

  As a young person, I had great respect for politicians.  I thought they were knowledgeable about arcane matters.  I was disabused of that notion when I started dealing with New Jersey politicians, who are the smallest of the small-minded. They will go on about light bulbs for hours, but require the police to change a light bulb if it becomes necessary. Their only distinction is a low cunning.  and it is very low.