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Thursday, May 20, 2021

On the treadmill

I was on the treadmll for thirty minutes, not listening to music, not watching television, certainly not reading, just enjoying the tedium of it all, when someone asked me if I didn't get bored.

Bored! I who have sat through at least a hundred--it seems more like several rhousands, but I'm not that old--library Board meetings, many budget hearings, city council meetings.   I welcome boredom.  It certainly beats listening to the countless orations of mayors and other politicians.

  As a young person, I had great respect for politicians.  I thought they were knowledgeable about arcane matters.  I was disabused of that notion when I started dealing with New Jersey politicians, who are the smallest of the small-minded. They will go on about light bulbs for hours, but require the police to change a light bulb if it becomes necessary. Their only distinction is a low cunning.  and it is very low.

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