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Monday, September 12, 2022

Why am I not posting here?

 I am too fed up.  Worried.  Depressed.  The world is not living up to my expectations.

The country is going to hell in a handbasket.  The world is not doing much better.

Wake me up when Biden goes away.  I would be content if he were to retire tomorrow.  Harris is not much, but she would find new ways of screwing us up, and that would provide some novelty.  Also, she is lazy and wouldn't exert herself to govern.  Problems would be met by the assertion that there is no problem, we fixed it already.  I can't imagine that she would participate in the current appeasement of Iran; no problem. nothing to fix.  Time for her nap or perhaps a nice pedicure.  Since she likes to wave her hands around,when speaking, a manicure would work wonders,  While her nails were drying, she couldn't do anything, not that she would do anything anyway.  I would find her a refreshing change.

Monday, July 25, 2022

More reading suggestions:

 I have been enjoying the novels of Colin Cotterill.  His hero is the-reluctant coroner of Laos, Siri Paboun.  Siri got the assignment when the then incumbent coroner swam to freedom.

I don't usually like it when the supernatural rears its ugly head, but in dr Siri''s case, it works.  He brings it off.  By the way, I don't like reading about the future either.  Just thought I 'd clear that up.  

I like reading about ancient Rome, the Civil War, the depression,WW II.  So I do have some topics that speak to me.

Right now, I am reading some books by William Kent Kreuger.  They take place in rural Minnesota, where you keep your skis handy by the front door. In case of snow, which usually starts before Halloween. I really like the setting, you get a real sense of place--the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the unspoiled wilderness.

The hero is Cork O'Connor, the once and future sheriff.  The townspeople, imcluding those of the Indian Reservation, are well portrayed, for the most part. 

Not only does Cork have to solve mysteries, he has to fight the elements in order to do so, and they are formidable.




Sunday, June 26, 2022

I like to work up a good spell of righteous indignation from time to time...

 Doesn't everyone?  Come on, admit it!

My ire of the day is an old perennial for me: credit bureaus.

Anticipating a long spell of dental expenses, I attempted to refinance my mortgage today.  the mortgage company, which I have dealt with for years, quoted the three credit bureaus to me as gospel.  First, the shnook I was speaking to told me I have two car loans.  I don't.  We took it from there.  First he assured me that I had purchased my current home in 2017.  I actually purchased it in 2019.  Since they are the mortgage holders, they ought to know.  But they don't. They also know that I have had mortgages with them for several years, starting in New Jersey, continuing to Delaware and now in Maryland.  I have never missed a mortgage payment, nor even been late once. 

Meanwhile, I have been battling the Nissan Corporation for giving me a false credit report.  I was sending my car payments to the wrong address.  They didn't mind cashing the checks, but I was to blame for sending them to the wrong address.  I complained to the government agency which supervises them, or pretends to supervise them.  The result of this waste of postage and effort was that Nissan stated they had not done anything to destroy my credit rating,  hadn't heard of me, didn't know what I was talking about, yada yada.

The government agency took no action on my complaint.  Ever.  Not even a weaselly letter acknowledging receipt of my correspondence.  I might as well have been Hunter Biden for all the notice they took of me. 

Who monitors these agencies?  Who do they report to?  Nobody, it appears.  They are able to destroy someone's reputation at will.  And do.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Inflation is catching up with me. And I don't like it.

 My IRA is especially hard hit.  The graph of its trajectory  causes great consternation--down is not where I want it to be.

Biden finds it exciting that the price of gas is going up.  I do not share his jubilation.  He reminds me of a kid playing with matches.  2024, please come soon!

Let's go to the polls and teach them a lesson--a lesson I am sure they are unable to benefit from.

Who is the most annoying new face in Washington.  I vote for Jennifer Granholm, the smuggest woman on the planet after Jane Fonda.  I am so glad that our suffering is causing her amusement.  Good that someone is enjoying this.

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Try Harold Adams

 I was shocked when I looked up Harold Adams on Amazon and they only had one book of his. "No badge, no gun."  Adams was a good chronicler of the Depression in the Midwest. More important, he was a damn good writer whose books entertained me.  Has he been forgotten?  If so, it is a pity.

Other mystery writers who have been undeservedly neglected:  John Maddox Roberts, who is entertaining about Ancient Rome, Elizabeth Daly, whose works take place in the thirties and forties in New York City.  There are others and I plan to write about them and give them their due at another time.

Try these three and let me know if you enjoy them.  I would also like suggestions from my readers about books I would enjoy.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

National art show

I wanted to have a show of my paintings.  Then I realized they are all over the country.  The paintings I gave away  or sold are not where I can reach them.  They are in California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Maryland and Delaware.    I have had paintings in various juried shows, and even won prizes on some of them.

When I visited my grandson I saw a painting of two red peppers and realized I had painted it.  I am very fond of red peppers and like the way they look.

I am still at it but my house is full of paintings.  I like to paint with Watercolor pens now.  They are easier on the furniture.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

I hate politics

I managed to get through the entire Vietnam War without knowing anything about it, including where Vietnam was.  I allowed the government to make the decisions about what to do about this, or anything else, thinking they had studied the situation and had it well in hand.  After all, the government was full of Harvard graduates and Fulbright scholars, and I was a graduate of a State school, moreover, one without a football  team.  In short, I trusted them to know what they were doing.  Those happy days are gone, apparently forever.

Now I have to keep an eye on the bastards and in order to do so, I have to keep up with the news.  I have to know the difference between the Tutsi  and the Houtu, so I can set them straight when they are doing it wrong.  And I especially had to keep an eye on our government, something that gives me sleepless nights because they seem to be doing it wrong all the time.

  And there is Hunter Biden--don't get me started on him.  And Joe Biden, whose peregrinations reminds me of my Uncle Abe, after he got  Alzheimers. Of course, Abe's conversations made more sense than Biden's, for he was smart and Biden isn't.  But both had a tendency to wander off if not watched.

So now I follow the news, and it gives me high blood pressure.  I long for the good old days when I kept up with English literature and the politicians ran the country without my input.  Actually they still run the country without my input but I am forced to keep an eye on them.  They turn out to be ganovim-(Yiddish for thieves).  So they go on merrily running the country into the ground, and worrying about such vital issues who is using which bathrooms and who is using which pronouns for whom.

Meanwhile, my ltttle nest egg loses 40,000 dollars over a weekend.  As all you Harvard grads know, this is Putin's fault.