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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Catching Covid from a ballpoint pen

If I come down with Covid I'll know who to blame.  It's those damned ballpoint pens.  They must be highly contagious because every doctor's office in Frederick has two kinds of pens:  new pens and dirty pens.


I confess:  I've been stealing those dirty pens.  They are just sitting there like they spread contagion, when I have been informed that pens cannot transmit disease.  So now I always have a functional pen in my purse.


Just avoid toilet seats and you will be fine.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

the scales have fallen from my eyes

 Joe Biden's presidency has disillusioned me.  I used to think presidents were very special people gifted with extraordinary wisdom and knowledge who put the welfare of the American people ahead of all other considerations, and who deserved the utmost respect.  I no longer think that.  Not only don't I believe that about Biden, but I no longer trust anything the government says or does.   I consider  all government agencies corrupt and useless including the CDC.  And don't forget the FBI , who love to raid taxpayer's homes in the middle of the night and have private discussion on politics during working hours. 

We are all pretending  that Biden is a normal man, carrying out his presidential duties for good or ill,  like Roosevelt or Bush.  We  know that this cannot be the case.  We all know that masks are as useful as tits on a boar. But we all go along with the deception.  In today's paper there is a portrait of a man, a politician, wearing a black mask.  He might be any one.  He might be public enemy Number One or a famous criminal.  Who can tell?

I don't believe the statistics about Covid put out by the government.  If Andrew Cuomo could fudge statistics, why should we give credence to any one's statistics?  I certainly don't. 

This is creepy

I'm just throwing this out there;

Big ad in Walmart Optical Department,  selling  Elton John eyeglasses,

Elton John is blind.  He does not need glasses, does he?  Is it just me, or do other people find this a little offputting?


Friday, January 07, 2022

My best friends are dead

 I have been reading comments on various blogs about how the authors are free of prejudice, loving and living among friends of other races and political views, so I decided to review my friendships to see where I stand in the racial and political sweepstakes.  I have to conclude that I am a miserable failure in this context.

In reviewing the current state of my friendships, I discovered that I don't really have any active friends any more.  Most of my friends can be found buried in cemeteries or in urns.  I have sadly outlived most of my dearest friends.  They are either dead or have moved to Arizona.

I miss all the people who filled my life with love and meaning, starting with my parents, my aunts and uncles, and my cousins , a group who are dwindling rapidly.  Then college friends.  I used to have a long Christmas card list, but it's getting shorter as these people join the great majority.  

What's the answer?  I don't know.  I find consolation in my grandchildren and nieces and nephews.  I cherish my blog friends too.  So please respond with comments.  I miss you, and you don't have the excuse of being dead, so no excuses.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

I have been out of circulation

 Sometimes I wonder why I keep this thing up.  I have decided that my posts have lately not been amusing.  If I were one of my faithful followers I would probably abandon ship.

All I do is go to doctors and buy appliances to replace the ones that were in the house but decided to break down right after the closing. 

The latest was a hot water heater.  Last time I replaced one of these it cost me $300.  This one was $4000.   I was inclined to put it off but washing my hands in tepid water soon got old.

I only hope nothing goes wrong soon.

I also had foot surgery and have been sequestered for two weeks.  I thought I could use the time to address Christmas cards, but I haven't.  I also ran out of postage stamps.

I am really not in a good frame of mind, but I would still like to wish my loyal fans Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Let's go Brandon.  It's too late to wish you Happy Chanukah, but I had good intentions and hope you got lots of latkes.  And jelly donuts, if you like them.

Best wishes to all.
























Thursday, November 18, 2021

Joe Biden is an unusual guy

He's the only Irish-American crooked politician who is totally devoid of charm.

Monday, November 15, 2021

who wants a useless Kindle?

I've got a drawer full of them if anyone has a use for them.  Kindles have a lifespan like butterflies.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Getting in touch with NJ pension department

When I moved from New Jersey to Delaware, I called up the New Jersey Department of Pensions and was connected to a Person.  This Person was responsive to my needs and made the requisite changes in my pension distribution.  Time spent:  10 minutes.


Now I am living in Maryland and attempted to contact the same department online.  The Person isn't there any more--she probably retired.  So I was directed to a link.  The link requires you to log on, but you have to log on to two places:  One is to My New Jersey and the other is not. Needless to say, I was not successful in logging on to either site.  

I want to change my  withholding from Delaware to Maryland.  This is impossibly difficult.  I wanted to change my driver's license but due to Covid I could not go to the Motor Vehicle department.  Now I guess you can, but you have to make an appointment, again on a website.  So that is in abeyance.

I don't want to log on to anything.  I don't want another app for anything.  I just want to straighten out my affairs.  Maybe it would be easier to for get the whole Maryland thing and move back to Delaware