Friday, September 04, 2020

A license to be rude in horrible 20/20

Now that we are enduring a never ending wall-to-wall corona-virus public health emergency, people are enjoying the luxury of being rude to their fellow citizens.  Commentors on websites no longer restrain themselves from wishing those who disagree with them slow lingering and painful deaths.  Or from releasing personal information about those they consider in error .  Or showing up at the homes of their fellow citizens to threaten death and destruction and keep their innocent neighbors up to all hours by shouting, dancing and singing, 


Every day brings idiotic but necessary tasks, like figuring out why $970 worth of car payments did not reach Nissan although the money came out of my bank account.  The person taxed by Nissan to figure it out was very reluctant to help in any way; in fact, he audibly rejoiced in  his inability to be of any assistance.


I persisted, and eventually he informed me that the money went into the account for the car I traded in for this one.  You see how boring and stupid this was, right?  How uninspiring it was?


Now,  I have to prove that my EZPass is not working.  There are no actual humans involved in the EZPass system.  It's voice mail jail all the way.  If the problems they prefer are not the actual problems you have they hang up, saving themselves endless effort.  Although, being government emloyees, they never exert themselves anyway.



Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The wheels have come off, and the nation is merrily rolling down a cliff

 When I worked at the library, I was the secretary of the library board.  That meant I took the minutes, and I could put whatever I wanted into them.  if something had been mentioned at the meeting I did not want discussed, I left it out of the minutes presented at the next meeting, and it was officially a dead letter.  If I wanted action on something, I included it in the minutes and we eventually worked on it.


This worked well when I had harmonious relations with the Board; they trusted me.  When the politicians got their greasy fingers on the minutes, our treasurer insisted on hiring a stenographer to insure that the minutes were completely opaque and revealed nothing.  The money to pay her came out of--where else?--the book budget.  But that was okay, because no-one on the Board actually read a book and had no idea why we had a book budget.  

I recalled this handy arrangement when I heard of the FBI's Form 302.  The 302 reports were written by the agents who interviewed the subjects.  Though these were treated like holy writ, in truth the agent could claim whatever he/she liked and the subject had no recourse.  HThe interviewer could revise the 302 to say whatever he wanted it to say.  What a great way to slander and vilify people!  And how unnecessary, especially in a day and age when everyone has access to video tape.  A video tape of an interview would transparently reveal the facts of the case.  But this was not done.  It appears that videotaping interviewees is still not being done.  Suggestion:  why involve the subject in the interview at ll, why not just let the agent make up whatever he or she wishees to say without even involving the subject.  Yes, that would save time and have the same result.  Much easier all around, no?

When I heard about these Holy 302 the scales fell from my eyes, and the FBI was revealed as the corrupt and useless organization it truly was.  Subsequent events revealed just how malevolent the FBI was and still is. Totally politicized, it's only reason for existing is to set traps for the duly elected President and pull him down. It's a jobs program for the useless and malevolent like Brennan, McCabe, Lisa Page and her lovers and no doubt countless others, all of whom make far more money than the taxpayers, poor fish, who support these parasites.

But I digress.  I really wanted to draw attention to how awful routine daily living had become.  Try to make a dental appointment, or get your hair done, or have your eyes examined.  They really rake you over the coals for attempting such impudent activities.  Everyone is hiding behind a screen of voicemail, using Covid 19  as a justification for their rudeness and incompetence.

According to the poet e e cummings: "There's a hell of a universe next door, let's go!"  I'd like to be transported to that universe as soon as it becomes feasible.  As soon as I get the app on my phone, and can a leave a message on the proper person's voicemail.

Friday, August 21, 2020

still alive and trying to stay that way

 Yes, I am still alive.  I miss the old days of blogging, when other bloggers read your posts and reacted to them.  Now, it's all Facebook and other, still more horrible websites.

I loved the old blogger sites: Matt Peak, where are you?  Also airforcewife, whose life was so interesting and lively.  Johnny Virgil, a really talented writer who lived in Upstate New York, could always make me laugh.  Texas scribbler? Tatiana/?  If I forgot to mention you, sorry.  I can barely remember my dentist's name, and I see him every six months.

I am depressed by our country's plight, and my own.  The whole country seems to have been led by a pack of idiots for years, and now we know it.  The jig is up, but the masks remain.  Whose idea was it to quarantine the healthy, anyway?


How in the world did, in a country of 330,000, Bill Di Blasio, rise to a calling in life higher than a pizza delivery man?  No one is more qualified than him?  Really? If you can explain it to me, please do.

Joe Biden, really? The most pressing issue for Democrats is how to pronounce K Harris's name, while Joe can't remember to put his socks on before his shoes.




Saturday, January 25, 2020


Instapundit has a link to all the experts of the last 50 years.  Their record so far has been dismal.  I noted that when Obama took office that many of his appointees had degrees from Harvard.  I found this information scary, but I didn't know how scary it really was.

The place ought to be closed down before they do any more damage.  Let's turn it into a homeless shelter.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Running around wtih deadly weapons

Israel is full of young people carrying deadly weapons.  Why is it okay for them, but dangerous for us? Don't they have the normal percentage of crazy people?  Especially crazy young people?  All the young people I know are at least somewhat crazy, but they do not go berserk and attack harmless civilians.

Maybe it's something in the water.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Miraculous recovery

So for the last year I've been seeing medical specialists, none of whom thought I needed antibiotics, all of whom prescribed tests, My whole body was tested out.  The last prescription was for a chest x-ray, the third one in three months.  I threw it away.

Thanksgiving rolled around, and I got sick and tired of feeling lousy since the previous Thanksgiving, feelling tired, so tired I couldn't even read, but sat on the couch clicking the remote control.   When I am too tired to read, it's time to start pricing coffins.

What is it with doctors who don't prescribe antibiotics? I understand that teir overuse is to be avoided, but come on, one year of feeling  lousy is a year too much.  Will tne entire population of the mid-Atlantic region become immune to antibiotics if one person takes them needlessly?  And if that is the case, I am willing to risk the sacrifice of the health of the entire region  If that will make me feel better. I'm selfish that way.

My dentist told me I was anemic, and recommended a hematologist.  She had had the same thing.

So--I got my antibiotic and also iron pills that made me sick to my stomach.  After three days, I was able to sit up and read a mystery--the Ranger, by Ace Atkins--and enjoy it.  After five days I went back to the gym and lifted weights.  I have come out of the comatose state!

And that is where I've been for the last year and why I haven't posted anything.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Scene from the Soviet Union, or business as usual?

I was brought to a local  hospital emergency room due to shortness of breath at 6 p.m.  I was there until 4 a.m.  No explanation was given to those in the waiting room.  At around 10:30 p.m a young man who was accompanying his wife lost his patience and began to remonstrate loudly.

  Immediately, this young man was surrounded by 6 security guards and driven out of the building. I attempted to record this on my phone but one of the security guards made me stop.

  The rest of the patients either slept, purchased snacks at the snack machines and ate them, or stared aat their cell phones.

  At 4 a.m., a nurse came and got me.  She explained that there was a shortage of rooms and a shortage of nurses.  There were doctors waiting who were unable to see the patients because there was no room in which they could see them.  I complained, jokingly, that people could be found dead in this emergency room.  She admitted that this had actually happened.  She was not joking.

  I can't complain about the care I was given.  The doctors and nurses were very professional and thorough, except that they neglected to ask what medications I was already taking.  However, I had brought my medications with me and was allowed to take them, after the doctor had been consulted and permitted it.

  Imagine what this scene would be like if we were all on Medicare--better yet, imagine the scene in the UK, where patients are made to wait for life-saving surgery for months, or until they die of their diseases.