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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Getting in touch with NJ pension department

When I moved from New Jersey to Delaware, I called up the New Jersey Department of Pensions and was connected to a Person.  This Person was responsive to my needs and made the requisite changes in my pension distribution.  Time spent:  10 minutes.


Now I am living in Maryland and attempted to contact the same department online.  The Person isn't there any more--she probably retired.  So I was directed to a link.  The link requires you to log on, but you have to log on to two places:  One is to My New Jersey and the other is not. Needless to say, I was not successful in logging on to either site.  

I want to change my  withholding from Delaware to Maryland.  This is impossibly difficult.  I wanted to change my driver's license but due to Covid I could not go to the Motor Vehicle department.  Now I guess you can, but you have to make an appointment, again on a website.  So that is in abeyance.

I don't want to log on to anything.  I don't want another app for anything.  I just want to straighten out my affairs.  Maybe it would be easier to for get the whole Maryland thing and move back to Delaware


Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Deleting my comments

 Blogger is now giving me three choices on what to do with comments.  I can either dismiss them as spam, delete them, or put them in a garbage can.  There is no choice to publish them.


So for those who do me the courtesy of commenting;  I receive your comments and appreciate them.  Please continue to add to the conversation.  Maybe Blogger will once again permit me to post them.


 I just finished reading an article comparing Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton, with a side order of Joe Biden.  The article went into a lot of detail about their personal styles, philosophy of government, and the public's perception.

I'd like to simplify the essential differences between these persons as it affects the government of our nation.  There are two kinds of political office holders:  male   and female crooked liars.  The other stuff is just inessential window dressing.