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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Some books I like that nobody else has ever heard of:

I am re=reading "The Menorah Men," by Lionel Davidson, Davidson also wrote "The Rose of Tibet," A great adventure story,reminiscent of Alexandre Dumas. I just looked up Lionel Davidson, the author, and discovered that he was a three-time golden dagger winner. He was an englishman, and had that particular felicity of style more common in English authors than in others. His books are sure pleasure to read.

Dr Jill and other stuff

For some reason, blogger is making it impossible to publish comments. Thanks for commenting anyway. I know who you are. You few, you happy few, I appreciate it. When I wrote aboout "doctor" Jill, I didn't want to single her out. Az majority of doctoral dissertations in the field of "education" are as bad or worse than hers. Of course the University of Delaware had to grant her a garbage degree. They were happy to do it. All their education degrees are garbage. Colleges and universities no longer have standards. Do you think Michele Obama got into Princeton because she had scholarly qualities? Rid yourself or that notion. She was a legacy; her brother had a basketball scholarship. Do you think that airhead Chelsea Clinton was accepted at Stanford because she was smart? Judging by her current vapid comments, IU hink she got in because of her daddy and mama. It's not hard to get into Princeton or Stanford; what's hard is to get less than an A average. And not because all the students do A level work.

Friday, December 18, 2020

About Dr Jill's dissertation

People are sneeering about Dr Jill's dissertation: I've got news for them: All the dissertations at the University of Delaware's Education Department are like hers--stupid. This is what an education dissertation is like, at the Univdersity of Delaware and everywhere else. It's a sstupid degree for sstupid, but pretentious, people.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

I've just been reading my old posts

Gosh, I was witty then. Could I refer my readers to "Horrlbie Harold,"? Talk aboout sparklling prose. I'm not funny any more. I've become an old grouch. I'll try to go back down Memory Lane, since 2020ffers so little levity. Or should I just pack it in?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hello everybody

I am back online with barely energy enough to whistle. Nevertheless grateful to be alive and kicking. I will soon start to shoot out witty apercus but not quite yet. Consider this the only holiday greeting I am capable of. I wish you all well, better than well for sticking by me. I have a feeling that if I survive 2020 I will be alive, for a while at least. Keepthe flags flying, happy new year!

I'm still alive and living in Maryland

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas