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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Getting in touch with NJ pension department

When I moved from New Jersey to Delaware, I called up the New Jersey Department of Pensions and was connected to a Person.  This Person was responsive to my needs and made the requisite changes in my pension distribution.  Time spent:  10 minutes.


Now I am living in Maryland and attempted to contact the same department online.  The Person isn't there any more--she probably retired.  So I was directed to a link.  The link requires you to log on, but you have to log on to two places:  One is to My New Jersey and the other is not. Needless to say, I was not successful in logging on to either site.  

I want to change my  withholding from Delaware to Maryland.  This is impossibly difficult.  I wanted to change my driver's license but due to Covid I could not go to the Motor Vehicle department.  Now I guess you can, but you have to make an appointment, again on a website.  So that is in abeyance.

I don't want to log on to anything.  I don't want another app for anything.  I just want to straighten out my affairs.  Maybe it would be easier to for get the whole Maryland thing and move back to Delaware


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