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Saturday, October 10, 2020

I'm seriously thinking about GoFundMe

I just got the news that my new mortgage. It's going to be about the same as my old mortgage. I could not pay my old mortgage without guests from airbnb supplementing my income. If I made $1000 from airbnb every month, I was doing fine. Without this, I am totally up a creek. What am I going to do? No answer suggests itself. I can't work. I could not last a day. I can barely stand up. Everything has gone crazy. My old IRA, which took almost all year to get out of AIG. My credit report, which was a total fiction, but they will not correct it. So my new mortgage will cost extra points. I'd rather eat barbed wire, but I may go to GoFundMe.


ETat said...

There is another solution: downsize!
F.i., after the sale of 3-story Brooklyn townhouse I didn't put another such in my aims. Not even 2-story. Not even a house.
Just a 1-bdrm apartment. It is surprisingly sufficient and I'm very happy in it.
Besides, we have a super and a whole building management company to take care of the roof.
Try it!

miriam sawyer said...

Thanks, Good advice.