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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here again

It is only through stubbornness that I force myself to write this.  It is hard to overcome the habit of NOT posting here which has become my default position.  I have excuses, of course.  A lot of legal hocus pocus has been going on; strictly speaking, it is not my personal business, so I won't expand on it.  Then the computer broke down--a good excuse and one I have taken maximum advantage of.

I had the computer set up perfectly; my laptop was jury rigged to connect to my gigantic monitor, speakers, and a mouse.  I haven't reassembled the monster yet; just using the laptop as, of all things, a laptop.  Anyway, there was Thanksgiving.  Then the plumber was   needed.  My right foot developed a sore spot.  Then I turned my left ankle.  My iPhone stopped working.  Something got stuck in the sink disposal unit, requiring another visit from the plumber.  Then the cable television stopped working.  Then I had to take Mr Charm for cataract surgery.  Then I dropped the cordless phone   for the land line and destroyed it. Next, a flat tire.  None of these is a tragedy, they all happen to everyone, but not all at once.

Oliver Sachs says he cannot recognize faces, even of people he has known a long time.  He also gets lost.  I am so glad to learn  that someone else shares these weaknesses with me.  I lived in New Jersey for 28 years and never really found my way around.  Fortunately, I now have a GPS.  I recognize people, sort of, but can't remember who they are, exactly.  After an ahah moment, I recall who they are.  But I am hell on recognizing cars.

I remember my car, in general.  That is, I know it is white, four-door, has a sun roof and a spoiler and a rubber antenna.  I just don't know what it looks like.  So the other day I walked up to a car that looked pretty much like mine, clicked the unlock button, and it didn't light up.  I got in anyway and noted with pleasure that it was cleaner than I had remembered.  Then I looked at the dashboard and discovered that it was a Toyota.  I had gotten into the wrong car!  I quickly exited.  Why does everyone have white cars anyway?  What's up with that?

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Dick Stanley said...

Funny how it works. When one thing goes wrong, it seems like a dozen other things develop a problem. Lassitude is the general result.