Friday, January 22, 2021


I just got done trying to place an order for delivery with Walmart. I have a 15 day free trial period. But Walmart snd I are having a tough time arranging a meeting of the minds. I am grumpy, as often happens nowadays. I had a procedure Monday and got sick immediately. The hospital said it was pneumonia. However, they did not hear it through their stethescopes.Anyway, I now have a bunch of pills to take at varying times of the day.A very modest pneumonia. I want to thank Reader Tat for recommend ing Philip Kerr. I am now reaading one of his books right now. thanks, Tat. Can IO recommend an author to you? Lionel Davidson. You can get his output on Abebooks. The rose of Tibet is one of my favorites. Try him and see whether you like him. I don't always like authorz I am supposed to like. I'm not saying they are not good, they just don't suit me. Faulkner is one writer I don't have much time for. I concede that he is brilliant and a genius. I just don't want to read him. If I had been assigned his work when I was in college, I might have enjoyed his work. I read Fitsgerald in college.But he is a more accessible writer. Faulkner is a lot of work, like Beowulf, another book not on my top 50 favorites list.

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ETat said...

Miriam, pneumonia is usually accompanied by high fever. How's your temperature? Are you coughing? I'm, unfortunately, familiar with it - spent 2 weeks in a children hospital because of it when I was 11; for another two weeks afterwards had to get antibiotic shots (from sanitized steel syringes...very few people know what that is now). You got to have someone monitoring you, how do you feel. It's a nasty thing, pneumonia, persistent.

Glad you're reading the book I recommended. Not sure if you like it - or, maybe, in no condition right now to read the kind of books Kerr wrote.
I will look for Lionel Davidson, thanks for recommendation.

Get well and write often!