Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Isn't every dog entitied to one bite?

If you are paying attention youo might notice that BLM-antifa rioters did not get the same treatment as the Pro-Trump crowd. Resiglnations and tut-tuts all around, especially from bad sport supreme Mitt Romney. Chris Christie weighed in, he of the Fort Lee crossings fame. Another hypocrite reveals himself. I don't know exactly what happened last Wednesday night nor does anybody else. The prese is purposely vague. One gathers from press accounts that the pro-Trumpers enraged the ire of the press by even existing, let along showing their faces. Did the police encourage the rioters? What happened? Maybe the attorneys investigating the deaths will shed light on this. Surely the deaths of four people can't be passed over. But what of the rioters who have kept us entertained all Summer? Will they suffer any consequences? Probably not.

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