Saturday, January 26, 2013

Should I forget about blogging?

I'm considering what to do with my blog, which I think 3 or 4 people actually read.  I have signed up for all the social media stuff, but I don't know what to do with that either.  Shall I discuss my visit to Whole Foods?  My skull x-rays?  Who cares?  As for Twitter, most of the bloggers I enjoy are posting there, but I can't even begin to figure out how it works.  It seems to have enlisted all the characters on the keyboard which were formerly used only in comic strips when one of the characters inadvertently hits his thumb with a hammer and said something like:  "@#*^$$$!"

Also, politics isn't fun any more.  I can't believe the people we have in positions of authority are the best we can find.  What a dreary lot!  What happened to the quality of citizens?  There are 300 million people in this country, but the voters are offered a candidate who believes a woman's body will reject a fetus that results from rape.  Whether he also believes that the stars are God's daisy chain was not revealed.

I am reading Shelby Foote's enormous tome on the Civil War, which is teeming with interesting and distinguished people, so much so that you have to keep a list to remember which side some of them are on, very much as I had to do with War and Peace.  I am still reading about 1861 and have four more years to go.  What a cast of characters!

Funny how now that we have a Democratic president the media are not banging on about how many American lives have been lost in Iraq or Afghanistan.    The total casualties in the Civil War are estimated at 600,000.  No one knows for sure.  Don't hear much about no blood for oil either.


Paul Mitchell said...

You should certainly continue blogging. I enjoy all of your posts. I am sorry that I do not comment more frequently.

Chad said...

Politics definitely isn't fun anymore. But I do still read your site!

Anonymous said...

Miriam, if you leave this place for Twitter, you will lose me!

miriam sawyer said...

I can't even understand Twitter. Reading it is like going in to a movie theater 15 minutes before the end of the picture.

pa said...

Please do continue blogging. I enjoy dropping in from time to time.

In just this one post, you wrote: "Whether he also believes that the stars are God's daisy chain was not revealed."

Methinks I have spotted a fellow Wodehouse fan. What ho!

miriam sawyer said...

You have penetrated my secret--I am an ardent Wodehouse fan. Plum lives!