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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That ornery Arctic ice cap

We got the latest issue of Columbia's alumni magazine, which I call the Smug Report, because it is.  The last page tells about the visit of our beloved President to Queens or someplace like that.  I'm surprised they found this lowly place, which is even lowlier now that Sandy has wreaked havoc upon it.  Must have used GPS.

Obama mentioned the Arctic ice cap, which, according to him,  had been melting at a rapid rate.  I am so damn sick of this ice cap and all its brother and sister ice caps around the world.  Obama seems to think it is melting, but others whom I respect deny it.

Isn't it possible to go and measure the damn thing?  Like with an airplane?  and settle this controversy once and for all.  If it is not melting, the media ought to make that a page one news story.  If it is, tell us.

And then let's never hear about ice caps again.  Ever.  They are so twentieth century.

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