Saturday, January 26, 2013

How I spent my Christmas vacation

I have been sidelined with flu, and it was bad.  You don't need to have all the details but I reached the apogee when I fell in the lobby of the Kimmel Center--right on my nose. It hurt like hell.

I was immediately surrounded by six or eight people.  Someone helped me up and someone else got a chair for me.  Among the crowd was one nurse and one nursing assistant.  They sent for an ambulance, which came double quick.  The paramedics checked my blood pressure, etc. and I refused transportation to the hospital.  I never want to see a hospital again, at least as a customer.

On Christmas, I was at a hospital in Harford County, MD.  The people you encounter in Harford County are almost pathologically nice.  I thought the nicest people I had ever met were in Ireland, but Harford County makes the Irish look like pikers.  If there were an Olympic event for niceness, Harford County would win going away.

By the way, I did have a flu shot, but got the flu anyway.

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