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Friday, January 07, 2022

My best friends are dead

 I have been reading comments on various blogs about how the authors are free of prejudice, loving and living among friends of other races and political views, so I decided to review my friendships to see where I stand in the racial and political sweepstakes.  I have to conclude that I am a miserable failure in this context.

In reviewing the current state of my friendships, I discovered that I don't really have any active friends any more.  Most of my friends can be found buried in cemeteries or in urns.  I have sadly outlived most of my dearest friends.  They are either dead or have moved to Arizona.

I miss all the people who filled my life with love and meaning, starting with my parents, my aunts and uncles, and my cousins , a group who are dwindling rapidly.  Then college friends.  I used to have a long Christmas card list, but it's getting shorter as these people join the great majority.  

What's the answer?  I don't know.  I find consolation in my grandchildren and nieces and nephews.  I cherish my blog friends too.  So please respond with comments.  I miss you, and you don't have the excuse of being dead, so no excuses.


Paul Mitchell said...

I was blessed to spend this past Saturday with my one hundred year old grandmother. We were alone in the car together traveling for a little over two hours, too. I had her all to myself for two solid hours for the first time in about ten years. It was wonderful. Glorious, even.

She has been in an assisted living home for the past two years. The majority of the people that she spends time with daily are slightly older than her children. Her husband, my grandfather, has been gone for thirty-seven years.

Spending time with her meant the absolute world to me, even though she probably didn't remember it ten minutes after I walked out of her room. I cannot imagine how hard it is for her to live like she does without anyone that she grew up with, played bridge with, or spent time with just sitting and drinking coffee.

I love reading your posts, Miriam. They have been a part of my life for a long time now. You have my prayers for a wonderful 2022.

miriam sawyer said...

So nice to hear from you, Paul.

ETat said...

Miriam, you have a wonderful ability to mix humor with sadness. I love finding your new posts - the promise never disappoints. Each one is a "holiday with tears in your eyes", like it said in a long-forgotten soviet song.
Your book about your family is in my Kindle; sometimes I open it on a random page; it feels like I knew all these people, too.

Have quiet and pleasant year. None of that "new normal" - but a real return to normal life. Where friends are not collected on the basis of HR quota...and we don't need an Aesop's language when wishing Brandon to go!

Your virtual friend,