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Monday, January 04, 2021

Looking for my glasses

I have three pairs of glasses and finally found one of them. The other two are somewhere in the upheavel of moving. This was the worst moving experience I've ever had. The movers lost a 40 in television set. Youo would think this would be hard to lose, but not for the boys and girls at Overland Movers. They also lost the two bedside tables and two matching lamps I had in the second bedroom. All that's left of them is a single, dented--but not dented by me--lampshode. My ssecond bedroom does n't have room for them anyway. But I would like to have my digital scale, my shower chair, and my robotic vacuum cleaner, and the $100 antenna which are also missing. And the television. I actually found the remote for the television set in another box. How do you lose a television set? Well, how do you lose your glasses. I don't absolutely haxve to have them since I had cataract surgery. But I like wearing them because they are progrsssive, so I can read with them. I found one pair but the earpiece was hanging by a thread. So I called America's Best, which fixed these glasses before. You have to have an appointment with America's Best because they are frightfully busy. Anyway, they put me on hold so I could listen to their commercial about what bargains they offered for about 5 minutes--an eternity in real time--and when I finally got a sentient body on rhe phone, she asked my if I had bought them from America's Best and I had to answere in the negative. The sentient body then informed me that they could not fix these foreign glasses. I asked why and was told if was because of Covid. What the hell is the connection? Covid 19 a wonderful excuse for not doing your job or doing a half-assed job. The United States Post Office apparently suffers from this disease. Important documents which were mailed to me never came. So when I ordered new glasses I opted to pay extra for two-day delivery. I did this the day after Christmas and I am still waiting for this lightning fast delivery. By the way, WalMart's optical department fixed my glasses. They were very gracious about it and did not charge me. I guess Covid has not spread to WalMart.

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ETat said...

I'm sure I've said that before: we are all getting a taste of the life in USSR. Except for us, who actually ran from it ~ 30 yrs ago, it's an unwelcome deja vu.
Movers that steal and break things - and then demand a tip.
Customer service people who care less (less than less) about serving anybody
Medical professionals whose motivation is greed, not providing help and healing (did you notice, doctors never mention that word, "heal"? max they can utter, is "comfortable", as in "this medication will make you more comfortable in your condition")
Next: endless lines, shortages of everything, fiercely competitive and rude survival race.

Here comes socialism.