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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Macron criticizes nationalism

What a pygmy he is!  Criticizing the American Presidency but too gutless to mention the name Trump!

This is truly a cheap shot.  France is a mess, areas of Paris are No Go places because they are governed by either Muslims or criminals (But how can you tell the difference?). Cars are burned in the streets. Jews are attacked on the streets while just minding their business. A bit of national shame is in order.

  And they criticize us, who saved their country, spending our blood and treasure to insure that they lived another day to insult us.  They, who would not fight to save themselves but left it to others.

  I'm not defending Trump--he can take care of himself.   But Macron  has no right to try to shame the United States in the presence of our elected leader.  They are not fit to drink the water in which we wash our socks. 

  Just another smart-ass with an unwarranted sense of superiority to the crude Americans.

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