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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Curdling the milk of human kindness

I need a vacation from facebook.  I was surprised by my reaction.  I felt sick from all the hatred spewed by normally inteligent people.  The rancor against Trump could not be worse if he had been seen pulling the trigger dressed up in a Hitler uniform.  People want to remove him at once, throwing 200 plus years of orderly government in the dumper without reflection.   If such a thing took place, we could not get our system back.  Because we are pygmies.  We are not worthy of the government bequeathed to us by the founders.

  How did these people get the impression, no really the unshakable conviction, that Trump was a racist?  He is crude for sure.  He is not one to take an insult without fighting back.  His Tweets are apparently not dignified nor fitting for a statesman and the leader of the free world.  He should be above reacting to insults. So say his opponents.

  Then I remember George W Bush, a gentleman, who took the high road, affeciing not to notice the slanders hurled at him every day .He never defended himself.   It did not stop his opponents from calling him Bushitler among other nasty things.  Trump must have taken note of what happened to his aristocratic predecessor and refused to play the same game. 

  I hope the election results will discourage the democrats' rage and show them the way to improve their methods.  It would be nice to have a two-party system.


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