Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seen at the nursing home

Mr Charm has a broken leg and is getting it rehabbed at a nursing home.  It's a nice one, it couldn't be nicer, but it's a sad place to visit.  Some of the people are very old, some look like  marionettes who have lost the strings which held them together.  Some are barely conscious.  I should say, barely sentient.  Their relatives visit and try to talk to them, but it's a maximum effort with minimal results.

Yesterday a man brought his father's dog to visit him.  The father said, to the dog:  "You and I used to do everything and go everywhere together"  as he caressed his pet.   It was a poignant moment.

I've been thinking about my father's last illness which ended in his death.  He declined suddenly and his last months were rough, but he was master of his fate until almost the end.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Being helpless, barely conscious and a nuisance (an expensive nuisance) to your family is the worst that protracted old age could mean. That's what I fear -to be slowly dying, for years, and having been drugged to such a foggy condition not even able to understand my own misery.

miriam sawyer said...

Me too.