Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogger is becoming unworkable

Blogger is so hard to use lately.  The most recent headache is the inability to link to another site, which makes blogger almost useless.  There is absolutely no customer service, nobody is minding the store.  We are supposed to solve problems by discussing them on "forums," where we pool our ignorance.

This is not a struggling start-up, folks.  Blogger is owned by Google, a company whose shares are putatively worth a lot of money.  I bet they have a company cafeteria for the employees as well as a gym, and maybe a jogging track.  Would it kill them to sub-contract customer service to a call center in India?


Dick Stanley said...

There have always been some blogger blogs I could not scroll easily, for whatever reason. There seem to be more of them lately. Not this one, though.

miriam sawyer said...

Thanks. I'm sort of chained to Amazon, myself.