Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time passes by


My daughter sent her father an album she had put together lovingly with pictures of all our immediate family. A picture of her on her tricycle was on the cover. All the pictures were enjoyable but this was our favorite.

It all seems so long ago--when the children were small and we were poor and lived out in the country in Upstate New York amid the snowflakes. There was a stream running through the property, and one day I woke up to a strange new sound. It was the sound of the creek, which had been frozen and was now rushing over the rocks--spring freshets!

When spring finally came, we were mad with joy!
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Steve B said...

The son and heir turned 12 this weekend. 12. He'll be starting the 7th grade in the fall.

Damn. Where did the time go?

miriam sawyer said...

Steve: Enjoy him as he is, before he becomes a teenager.

Anonymous said...

Mine is 22. In his age I was getting married - but he's such a kid, yet!

miriam sawyer said...

I got married at 22 myself.