Monday, January 07, 2008

My favorite candidates

The world has been waiting to see who I endorse for President in '08. Okay, here we go, Repubs first:

1. Rudy. Pro: He is aware of the importance of the war on terror. Likes opera. Con: The press and Dems will savage his private life, and he's touchy.

2. McCain. Pro: Aware of the importance of the war on terror. War hero. Con: I'm still mad at him for McCain-Feingold.

3. Romney. Ho hum. Might do in a pinch.

As for Huckabee, he might be a likable guy, but I don't like his politics. I'm against Southerners on principle, after living through Jimmy Carter. The rest of the Republican field are out of the question.

For the Dems:

1. Hillary Clinton. I think she's the smartest and the only one with any ideas. Even if her ideas are wrong, she is capable of harboring an idea. Negative: she keeps changing her position.

There is no second place. Obama's enthusiastic crowds remind me of attendees at a faith healing service who are desperate for a miracle. They want to touch the hem of his garment or kiss his ring. They seek a savior rather than a president. Get control of yourselves, people! You're not here to choose a knight in shining armor!

As for Edwards, his rabble-rousing class warfare rhetoric is repulsive. I doubt he believes it. He's too intelligent to believe it. I doubt he believes anything. PS. I don't care for Elizabeth either. I don't wish her dead of cancer, but I don't like her.


Dick Stanley said...

Seems to me the press and the Dems will savage whoever is the Repub nominee, as they did Bush2 in '04. The important thing is to choose a Repub candidate the most people will vote for. That seems, so far, to be Romney, but it might come to be Thompson. I like Rudy best, but he and McCain are just too liberal for most Repubs. Obama-rama will self-destruct before election day, IF he can be pinned down to specifics on policy before then. Otherwise... Our first black demogogue? What a concept.

miriam sawyer said...

I think McCain could make it. People still respect his military record. The words "war hero" still mean something to the American people.

I think the cult of personality surrounding Obama is truly creepy.

prairie biker said...

I'm with you, Miriam. It seems as if both parties are only giving us their B teams.

However, I don't think either has an A team to field.

Paul Mitchell said...

We'll have to part ways on the "smartest" of the Democrats. I think that Richardson is the "smartest." But Democrats are to smart as hyenas are to opera.

That said, Edwards is as smart as a barrel of hair.

JJ said...

Wow. I think your opinions are almost in total agreement with mine on this subject. Rudy's got my (absentee) vote!

One BIG con for Hillary: Bill. Who the heck wants to be subjected to 4 (or 8) more years of him? Blech.

Dick Stanley said...

The prospect of four more years of Bill being unable to keep his pants on is precisely why Hilarity would be so much easier to beat than Obama. I still like Rudy best, but I would settle for McCain. I just don't think either one is likely to be nominated.

Paul Smith Jr. said...

I'm with you on much of the GOP field, but I'm a big Thompson fan. I'm curious as to why you dismiss him so quickly.

miriam sawyer said...

Paul: I just think Thompson entered the race too late, but I do like his style.