Saturday, January 05, 2008

At last, a British royal shows some class

It's not who you think.

Ever since she became Royal Colonel of 4th Battalion, The Rifles, the Duchess of Cornwall has taken a close personal interest in the welfare of the 650 men who have just returned from a gruelling tour of Iraq.

She has, I can reveal, sent a handwritten letter to every wounded soldier — and there have been 62 of them — as well as a £50 bottle of whisky or a hamper of food. Camilla has also written to the families of the battalion's 11 dead soldiers — not just to the widows but the fiancees of unmarried riflemen.

Some relatives have even been invited to her home for tea. This remarkable insight into a very private side of the Duchess has been revealed by the servicemen themselves, who have spoken of her unstinting support.

All in all, a very gracious lady.

"She's so busy yet finds time to hand write all those letters to our wounded and families," says one soldier.


KurtP said...

I appreciate her loyalty, but don't expect a lt of praise from the rest of Britain.

I'm married to a Brit and know what th ppular opinion of her is- unfortunatly.

miriam sawyer said...

That's because the dull-witted Diana is so popular.

Dick Stanley said...

Camilla may be homely but her heart's reliable. All Diana wanted to do was watch the telly. But making Camilla colonel of a rifle battalion is going too far even for the Brits.

miriam sawyer said...

She seems like a nice lady, too nice for goofy Charles.