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Sunday, November 04, 2007

My mother the lawyer



My mother hated to be photographed. She always wanted to put it off until she lost 10, or 20, or 30 pounds. Consequently we have very few pictures of her. This is one I like.
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Thanksgiving always makes me think of my mother. Thanksgiving was a big deal to us. We used to celebrate her birthday, and my Uncle Moe's on Thanksgiving. It was a Russian custom, or a Jewish custom, or just our family custom to celebrate birthdays in conjunction with some holiday. Mine was Purim, my cousin was Rosh Hashonah. Perhaps the family were just bad at remembering dates.

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Tat said...

Jewish (or rather Yiddish) custom, Miriam. My late grandmother's birthday also was on a "floating" date - 2nd day of Passover, as she told us. She explained that in the older days the birthday of a child was the day it was announced at the sinagogue, and for some reason rabbis prefer to postpone and collect such announcement till the nearest holiday. Or maybe it was less expensive? Don't know.