Thursday, January 18, 2007

Health insurance crisis?

Sez who?

We've been over this territory a few times before. Yes, there are close to 40 million people without health insurance in America. While some of them have been denied health insurance because of preexisting conditions and genuinely need help, most of them are uninsured by choice. These are mostly younger people who fall in an income range between the truly poor and the middle class. They earn enough money that they don't qualify for Medicaid, but feel that the cost of health insurance is higher than they're willing to pay. The vast majority of this group are relatively young, working, but on a tight budget, so they choose not to get health insurance, even if they could afford it.

Perhaps the cure is worse than the disease?

Right now the Democrats are putting together their plans for solving the health insurance 'crisis'. Chances are it will be similar to HR 676 brought up for consideration last session by John Conyers who has become one of the most powerful figures in Congress now that the Democrats have taken control. This bill would take the current medicaid system which was designed to provide basic healthcare to the poor and extend it as a national healthcare system for the entire population. []

So we end up with health insurance for everyone, except that now millions more are unemployed, the economy is in a tailspin and the average citizen has seen a tax increase of several thousand dollars a year -- more of an increase in taxes than he would have paid for decent private insurance under the current system.


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