Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dr Phat Tony has advice for Republicans

Dr Phat Tony has advice for mealy-mouthed Republicans.

• Call it what it is. If a grieving mother goes all crazy and socialist, then call her a crazy socialist. If Muslim terrorists blow something up, then call them Muslim terrorists. You don’t have to add extreme, militant, or fringe to it. When the Muslim community starts policing their own, then we can start separating the Muslim terrorists from the rest of them. Until that happens though, their going to have to live with the stigma of being a violent religion.

Of course these are just humble opinions of a working class conservative. I really doubt that anyone is listening besides the few people that read my blog. With that said, if the Republicans don’t change their ways, they will lose to a 3rd party candidate and a Democrat will be the next president.

I heartily concur. Enough with the Religion of Peace. Enough with no racial profiling. Enough with grieving Mother Cindy Courage.

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