Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Does anyone else hate Mapquest?

I took down directions from Mapquest to get to the local DMV. They were very complex and detailed. Turn right on street A, bear left at street B, take a slight left at street C (What's a slight left?, and I am not kidding, they said slight left. As opposed to a sharp left, I suppose).

I found myself down under the railroad tracks in a godforsaken part of town, an area that never had any glories to lose because it's been awful since the Revolution, as contrasted with other areas of downtown Wilmington, which have lost glories in the form of humongous houses now turned into funeral homes.

Went around in circles a few times, always prevented from turning by one-way signs. At last, I found--AAA headquarters! I went inside and the lady told me where the place was--not too far--and gave me a map.

Turns out the DMV is right down Rt 13, which is right off Martin Luther King Blvd, which is right off 202. No streets A, B, or C, no slight lefts, just a straight run.

This took all morning. When I got there, they refused to give me a Delaware driver's llicense. Turns out I needed a letter from my rabbi, or something.

BTW, just asking, why isn't MLK Blvd ever in a really nifty part of town? I, personally, would not like Miriam St to be a place with boarded up businesses and decrepit houses, but that's just me.


Babette said...

yes, it sucks but I still need them and here in New Jersey where you cannot make left turns but use a jughandle , it is even worse!
I went to many places and got lost because of them, still putting 100% trust in their directions...but I hate it!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider its not mapquest but just how F*#ked up your cities transportation systems (i.e.the narrow roads) are set up on the east coast?

Anonymous said...

i hate mapquest we got directions from ky. to the smoky mtns. in tenn..We drove around for 5 hours and i finally stoped and bought an atlas the directions were taking us to arkansas. Im not an idiot the papers that i printed off of the internet plainly said destination gattlinburgh tenn.Id like to kick the shit out of the jackass that makes up these bogus directions.