Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blogger wants to know how you blog

Project Bowl wants to know your blogging and e-mail habits.

I check my e-mail twice a day, to avoid having to read 400 messages in one day. Also, that's how I keep in touch. Except for now, with horrible Comcast, I can't access my address book. Everyone I know thinks I have dropped into a hole.

Next, I check my own blog and read the precious, brilliant witty comments of my dsicerning readers.

Then I check my stats.

Next, I go down the list (or up if I'm in the mood) on my blogroll and try to read all recent posts. This is getting more time-consuming.

Then I read the NYTimes, or at least the parts that don't bore me stiff.

If I'm lucky, I'll think of something to say, and say it.

And so to bed.

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