Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cute terrorist song

God is punishing me for listening to NPR.

Last night they interviewed a member of an Iranian rock band called 127, I think. ( I did not take notes, I was in the car.) The young man was charming, unpretentious, and had a nice sense of humor. I was starting to like him. Then they played one of the group's songs.
Yes, it was rotten, but what did you expect? Worse, to me, was the title of the song, "Dear Terror." The Iranian lad explained that it was about Guantanomo. Was I upset? You bet. Was I upset about my taxes going to pay for such drivel? Was I upset that the only public radio station I can get plays no classical music, but drones on all day with this supercilious, often anti-American cr-p? Yes, yes, and yes.

Very, very upset. I'm going to get satellite radio.

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