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Sunday, June 26, 2022

I like to work up a good spell of righteous indignation from time to time...

 Doesn't everyone?  Come on, admit it!

My ire of the day is an old perennial for me: credit bureaus.

Anticipating a long spell of dental expenses, I attempted to refinance my mortgage today.  the mortgage company, which I have dealt with for years, quoted the three credit bureaus to me as gospel.  First, the shnook I was speaking to told me I have two car loans.  I don't.  We took it from there.  First he assured me that I had purchased my current home in 2017.  I actually purchased it in 2019.  Since they are the mortgage holders, they ought to know.  But they don't. They also know that I have had mortgages with them for several years, starting in New Jersey, continuing to Delaware and now in Maryland.  I have never missed a mortgage payment, nor even been late once. 

Meanwhile, I have been battling the Nissan Corporation for giving me a false credit report.  I was sending my car payments to the wrong address.  They didn't mind cashing the checks, but I was to blame for sending them to the wrong address.  I complained to the government agency which supervises them, or pretends to supervise them.  The result of this waste of postage and effort was that Nissan stated they had not done anything to destroy my credit rating,  hadn't heard of me, didn't know what I was talking about, yada yada.

The government agency took no action on my complaint.  Ever.  Not even a weaselly letter acknowledging receipt of my correspondence.  I might as well have been Hunter Biden for all the notice they took of me. 

Who monitors these agencies?  Who do they report to?  Nobody, it appears.  They are able to destroy someone's reputation at will.  And do.

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