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Sunday, March 27, 2022

My long involvement with Amazon is getting abusive

I ordered one bookshelf from Amazon, which arrived.  Then, three more came.  It was like the Sorcerer's Apprentice.  I sort of dread opening the door in case the company thinks I need more shelves.

I can't even use the three currently residing on my front porch.  There is no more room in my apartment unless I turn the place over to shelving and move into my car.  The problem is that I can't lift the damn things, so I want Amazon to come and get them.  I am straining every sinew to get them to come and take them, but the company is getting hard to get in touch with.  They used to answer the phone but those days long since passed, and like the bustle and the buggy whip, are only remembered by the oldest customers.  

My porch, being small, is almost full of the blasted things, with no room left for the grocery delivery I must order soon.  I NEED food, and don't need more shelving.  Help!




ETat said...

Time to barter shelves for food?

miriam sawyer said...

Good idea.