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Sunday, September 27, 2020


Experian, the credit bureau that is ruining my life and my credit, offers me a new credit card! no reasoning with them. It would be like reasoning with the wind. . Congress, if you have nothing else to do, look into these credit bureaus, they are a blot on the body politic. Of course, Congress does have the duty to make sure that everyone at a Trump rally is wearing a mask and that keeps them busy. that and stealing the publicc's money. When I see stores full of people wearing these masks, somehow they remind me of the German Jews willingly sewing Mogen Davids on their clothing, thinking this would keep them safe.They thought Hitler would leave them alone now that they were humiliated and labeled, not allowed to go to school and attend concerts. Falso beliefs. Nothing keeps you safe from your enemies. I know the analogies are far fetched, but this is how I see them.

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