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Friday, August 21, 2020

still alive and trying to stay that way

 Yes, I am still alive.  I miss the old days of blogging, when other bloggers read your posts and reacted to them.  Now, it's all Facebook and other, still more horrible websites.

I loved the old blogger sites: Matt Peak, where are you?  Also airforcewife, whose life was so interesting and lively.  Johnny Virgil, a really talented writer who lived in Upstate New York, could always make me laugh.  Texas scribbler? Tatiana/?  If I forgot to mention you, sorry.  I can barely remember my dentist's name, and I see him every six months.

I am depressed by our country's plight, and my own.  The whole country seems to have been led by a pack of idiots for years, and now we know it.  The jig is up, but the masks remain.  Whose idea was it to quarantine the healthy, anyway?


How in the world did, in a country of 330,000, Bill Di Blasio, rise to a calling in life higher than a pizza delivery man?  No one is more qualified than him?  Really? If you can explain it to me, please do.

Joe Biden, really? The most pressing issue for Democrats is how to pronounce K Harris's name, while Joe can't remember to put his socks on before his shoes.





craig said...

I miss the old blogging world as well. We need fisking and citizen fact-checking now more than ever.

Paul Mitchell said...

I miss blogging terribly, but I still have all of my daily reads in my Feedly and occasionally a new post comes up. Those posts make me very happy.

Poor Joe, he was never very bright and old age has taken its toll on his last remaining brain cells.

ETat said...

Oh how happy I am to see your new post! The worry was always at the back of my mind, at least every time I look at my blogroll (which is every day).

Can't talk for everyone else you mentioned, but I'm still here and still blogging, and sometimes even get a few comments.

Masks (or, rather, muzzles) have become cargo-cult symbols, virtue-signalling objects with no practical value whatsoever. A few days ago I saw a woman in a black-n-white striped dress, holding a toy dog under arm. Both were wearing home-made masks of the same fabric.

NY quickly falling back to Dinkins-era hellhole. Will Giuliani double arise from the troubled waters? I'm afraid the chance is only given once.

Please keep writing! I missed you.

Dick Stanley said...

Too many old bloggers aren't still alive, glad you are.