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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Runaway countertop

The kitchen countertop is self-destructing.  It is made of some composite material and its day--maybe its era--is done.  So I have been saving money for a new countertop.  It seems to cost $3,000-4,000.  I actually had over $2,000  saved up for it but I happened to get into a car accident that was my fault and I have an insurance policy with a $1,000 deductible, which makes sense when you don't have any accidents that are your fault, but if you do, it doesn't.  I hope I have explained this properly.

  Originally I planned to get the countertop at Home Depot.  I approached a man who was ostentatiously busy on the phone and tried to geet his attention.  I said I wanted a countertop.  He told me he was  frightfully busy and told me to make an appointment.  Apparently he had never heard of the philiosophy that the customer is always right.  I didn't feel that I wanted to make an appointment to give someone who was too busy to see me my money.  I decided to go elsewhere.

  This house could easily use $12,000 worth of work.  A paint job.  New kitchen floor.  New bathroom floor.  But I thought a new countertop was doable.  A good start.  Maybe not.

 I can see the countertop receding into the future--a very distant future. 


ETat said...

Two things.
1) Home improvement loan.You are a diligent person, I'm sure you have a good credit history, you'll get one that's not too expensive to maintain
2) Look up stone (granite/marble/tile) places. You can start from wholesale, come there personally, talk to the sales staff, tell them oyu don't have a big budget and need a solid surface (not stone) countertop and most importantly, a responsible and inexpensive contractor, to do it. When interviewing contractors, ask for references.

Dick Stanley said...

Yes, home upkeep (whether improvements or just a return to the status quo) is an expensive chore.

ETat said...

So, how the story ends? We need an update on your countertop. Were you able to get a decent price and responsible contractor? are you enjoying your improved kitchen now? do tell

miriam sawyer said...

Living is an expensive proposition.

miriam sawyer said...

Tat: A friend of a friend of mine is looking into the countertop situation. He apparently knows contractors. So the project is still on hold.