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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Advice you can use: How to get anemic

When I was a kid I always fantasized about being able to eat anything I wanted to, whenever I wanted to.  My fantasies in those days ran to Wonder Bread--which my family would never buy, preferring challah or rye--non-Kosher lunch meats, and Heath bars.  I offer these memories to those who think that kids would eat healthy if you just let them choose what they would like to eat.

  However, in the middle of my journey, I found myself alone.  No one to cook for.  No one to share meals with, unless I wanted to.  So I started eating anything.  Or everything.  If I had a pound of macaroni salad, I would eat as much of it as I chose, maybe the whole thing.  Or Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and lots of butter.  Hard boiled eggs.  A baked potato, or two.  Yogurt with fruit.  Fruit alone, some days, in the summer when fruit was bountiful and available.  Meat was a great nuisance to make, the stove got dirty, and I had to turn on the oven fan.

  I don't want to exaggerate, I sometimes but not too often, made myself a nourishing soup or stew, generally in the crockpot.  I figured it would even out, somehow. 

  Then I found out I was anemic.  Now I have to take iron pills, which you can't take with meals or with other medications.  This means I pop one in my mouth when I think of it.  Or whenever.  This averages out to three iron pills a week, because I am usually either eating or taking pills, instead of the two a day I am supposed to take.

  Instead, I make healthy meals and have to clean the stove frequently, like a normal person.


Anonymous said...

If you like liver, that's your ticket. Beef or veal is better than chicken, medically speaking. And also, interestingly enough, cod liver in tins.
And beets: borscht! real hot one, not the strangely sweetened American version. Or beets salad, w/ fennel.
And red caviar. A spoon every day - on your boiled egg or blintzes - helps a lot.

Get well!

miriam sawyer said...

Thanks for the tip! I love beets, and beet borscht too. Do you have a recipe for the hot version of borscht? My grandmother used to make it and it was yummy. I believe cabbage was involved as well as beets.

Anonymous said...