Thursday, October 30, 2014


I made 70 cents from my Amazon Kindle book.  I make more than that from my first book, published in 2002.

This is the front cover of "Nothing Much," a Kindle book.


Dick Stanley said...

It takes time when you have no advertising to speak of. Wouldn't hurt to try and get some reviews out there.

Eight years in I've sold 164 of one fiction book and six years in I've sold 194 of the other one. The only non-fiction I have has sold 51 since January.

Look on the bright side. If you'd gotten a mainstream publisher, they've have remaindered it if it wasn't a bestseller within three months and it would never reappear.

miriam sawyer said...

Anything but a Kindle publication would not have worked for me. I just wanted to have a book out there. If anyone read it, so much he better.