Monday, October 08, 2012

Back to darkness

Waiting in the lab to have my blood drawn, I picked up a magazine that was ostensibly all about health. There was an article advocating an environmental group advocating a cause that was new to me--the dimming of outdoor lights. If this bunch have their way, the Great White Way will become the Dim White Way, the City of Light will be the City of Half-Light, and all the street lights will be reduced to a glimmer, forcing honest citizens going about their business to be terrorized by felons.
Except no-one would be out and about without street lights. Families, consisting of two adults of any gender and one immaculately conceived designer child, would be cowering around the one fluorescent bulb they are allowed to have, huddled together for warmth. Perhaps they could re-locate to a nearby cave, if they are lucky enough to have one.
I am not going to link to the website of this detestable organization, but it does exist. Unfortunately.

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