Saturday, September 22, 2012

Romney the vote repeller

Mitt doesn't need the media carrying water for Obama, he's doing a fine job of lousing up his campaign his own self. Take his remarks on the 47 percent. Well, Mitt, I am one of these, a person on Social Security and a New Jersey pension, but if you don't want my vote just say so and I'll stay home from the election. BTW, I pay taxes.


Laura said...

Ok the 47% may be a little high let's say 40%, I am also on social security, but I will support Romney as opposed to Obama. Obama's proven he has no clue on the direction of the country. He was a deer in headlights without the TelePrompter.

miriam sawyer said...

Actually, Romney has improved since the 47 percent debacle. I plan to vote for him early and often.