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Monday, March 26, 2012


I used to have a junk drawer--everybody has one in the kitchen or in their desk.  However, my junk drawer was expanding  into every drawer in the kitchen.  At that point I had what could be called a junk kitchen.  Every drawer in the kitchen contained some unclassifiable items I needed from time to time.  The junk accumulation then leapfrogged into my study.  First one drawer, then another, and finally all of them filled up with stuff.  The overflow found its way into the closets and from one room to another. 

About three weeks ago, I decided to clean out the junk I had in my study.I loaded three cartons with this stuff.  I threw out hundreds of paid bills and Medicare stuff.  Old Christmas cards.  Personal letters.  There seemed to be more stuff left than ever.  Ads for concerts and special events, art exhibits, bank statements..  All gone.

Here's what I took out of these drawers and don't know what to do with: shoe inserts, bandages of every size, lint rollers, telephone cords, USB cables, picture frames, swimming goggles (2), hair curlers, old photographs, bathing caps,(2) swimsuits (also 2),more USB cables, an iPod, a Flip, scotch tape, picture frames, telephone wire, picture wire, picture hangers, needles, a screwdriver with interchangeable blades, a hammer, screws, nails, nail files, shoelaces, old address books (4), CDs, DVDs, special offers from Comcast.  And plenty more.

I'm just going to dump most of it and start out fresh.


Kitten said...

Starting fresh may be your best bet. Finding "a place for everything" always leaves me bewildered (and with homeless objects) as well.

Harvey said...

Rule of thumb - if you haven't used it in the last year, you can safely dispose of it.

Which makes sense, because if you've gone through 52 weeks of daily activities and lived through celebrating every single holiday and the item in question has not come in handy, odds are it never will.

miriam sawyer said...

Thanks, Harvey. Good advice!