Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kindle? Or Nook?

I never wanted either one, but trying to read Margaret Thatcher's memoirs in bed led me to reconsider.  One volume easily weighs nine pounds--and there are three.

I haven't the least notion of the pros and cons of these gadgets.  Anyone?

I'm famous for buying gadgets I can't figure out how to use.  Speakerphone. mp-3 player, bluetooth.  So I need something idiotproof.


Paul Smith Jr. said...

I have a Kindle and I love it. It's pretty simple to use, although if you're not computer-savvy, there might be a bit of learning curve but not an awful one.

I chose it over the nook for two reasons:
1) I live on so it tied in well with what I already do.
2) When I tried the Nook in Barnes & Noble, I found a bug in the first few seconds of playing with it. Didn't fill me with confidence.

Aquavit said...

Had my Nook for 5 months now. Great device. And now with the android market you can use it as a tablet computer (do you have wireless internet in your house?). Color screen is great.