Saturday, May 07, 2011

Dsitinguishing one terrorist group from another

The Economist has a long disquisition this week in which it analyzes and explains in detail the differences between the various terrorist groups who are plaguing mankind.  Very erudite and impressive, I'm sure.  If you need to know the difference between al Queda in Iraq and other branches of this unholy alliance, you can read the article at the link.

I don't think there is any significant difference among them.  They are all enemies of mankind, thugs and murderers.  And they are not retired murderers and thugs, sated for the time being and content to rest on their laurels.  They are still actively seeking innocents to destroy, as they destroyed a three-month-old Israeli baby in her crib.

The Economist explains it  as one would explain the difference between  Rotary and  the Lions Club or the difference between Unitarianism and Roman Catholicism. None of this matters.  The salient fact about terrorists, whatever flag they fly, is that they are murderous thugs.

Much is made of the fact that Osama bin Laden was or was not given a proper Muslim funeral ceremony.  I think the least important difference between religious groups is the disposition of the dead.  It is a housekeeping decision.  Burn them or bury them, say prayers over them or not, dead bodies must be disposed of for the good of the living.


Anonymous said...

..and I would say - a murderous thug does not deserve a funeral rite; even less - concern with the degree of compliance of the disposal of his body with the prescribed rites of his faith.
especially if it is his faith that instructed him in being a murderous thug.

miriam sawyer said...

His faith was just a pretext for his evil actions.

Anonymous said...

No, his faith is the root of the problem. Anyone who pledge allegiance to koran is an enemy of western civilization, our morals and our ethics.
The war has never been off, it's just America was the last to get involved.

airforcewife said...

I hope The Economist is also underlining that the vast majority of the terrorist groups work together. They loan each other people and expertise. They are more interconnected than most of the articles I've read on this subject want to admit.

I'm also tired of people pointing out the funeral thing in regards to bin Laden. Who cares? No, really. Who cares? If I were a moderate Muslim, the way his body was treated would be the LAST of my concerns. I mean, it's not like I would want Islam associated with him in the first place.

I'm going to make this comparison - as a Catholic, if someone killed a priest who was diddling children to save more children and then tried to placate me with, "Oh, don't worry. We made sure to bury his body in hallowed ground," my response would be, "Why?"

Why would I want my sainted grandmother next to a pedophile for all eternity?

The burial stuff is ridiculous. I hate it when someone kowtows in my name.

Anonymous said...

Echoing my previous comment: thread @PajamasMedia