Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What do Conservatives believe?

On one of the Sunday Fox talking heads shows, Juan Williams opined that the mullahs are "even more conservative" than Ahmenwhatshisface. You know, the Iran Prime Minister, who regales us with the latest message which Allah has just communicated to him.

Since when is a religious nut "conservative"? Did Bill Buckley advocate burying women up to the waist and pelting stones at them? Did I miss the column in which he discussed this practice? Has Charles Krauthammer come out for burqas lately? Does Sarah Palin believe in police shooting down protesters in the street?

Conservatism is a noun that means something specific. Consult a dictionary if you don't understand the meaning of this word. It is not a term of obloquy for everything that is reprehensible. Yet it used interchangeably with "Nazi" and "fascist," terms which, as now used, to label people liberals don't agree with, are essentially meaningless.

Muddled speaking leads to muddled thinking.


airforcewife said...

Excellent points, and something I've noticed lately, too.

Anonymous said...

Conservatism is a multiple value system for determining political good. Virtue and Freedom are balanced. A fair helping of pragmatism is stirred into the mix which most frequently comes out as respect for tradition (because if it worked once, it will probably work again). Also an understanding of life based on sin and entropy and limits.

Ultimately, it derives from the Bible.