Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy house in Massachusetts redux

Remember the crazy house in MA, lived in by the friend of my friend, Eve? Well, the crazy house is no more. Eve's husband died, and Eve has Moved On. The house was sold to someone who wanted to tear it down, and did.

Eve was lucky. She sold the house at the top of the real estate boom and made a lot of money. With the proceeds she bought herself a very nice condo in a desirable neighborhood of Boston. My friend visited her shortly after she moved in and reported that the apartment was really nice. Eve apparently left the Jergens' lotion bottles, old clothes, and grand piano back in the teardown. She could hardly have fitted it all into the new condo, she would have had to purchase all 24 flats in the new building.

Peace and harmony reigned. But not for long. A cloud no bigger than a man's hand hovers over the new place. Our mutual friend visited recently and reported that Eve had begun to furnish her new home with large cartons in which she was storing everything that had come in the mail which she had not had time to look at.

She only had a few of these cartons last year. This year, a visit revealed that the number of cartons had increased. Eve is well on her way to recreating the ambiance of her old house, little by little.

A pity she had to get rid of the grand piano.

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